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New Irritans Piranha

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I've been out of the piranha game for about 7 or 8 years now. Found this guy last week. He looks a lot like my old rhom, just a lot smaller


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Had him almost 4 weeks now. He's settling in nicely.


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Good looking Irritan!
very nice irritans piranha -- really beautiful
Thank you both. His chin is getting better each day. His personality is coming around too. Still a defensive fish but he doesn't seem terrified of me anymore.
good to hear...
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good to hear...
love these ..very difficult to find ..was looking for one for my empty 55 no luck though
His eyes look red at times. Will they turn more red as he gets older?
Mine never did. I don't think there eyes ever turn red.
beauty ...love the Serrasalmus look.
Nice fish !!!

I am glad so many people are coming back to hobby ;-) we might make this site live again ,,
I wish I had a bigger setup, so I could go back to showing off monster rhom. The good ole days. I was lucky with Pedro having 2 of the irritans in stock when my itch started back up. Are there any other sellers around?
check privately on forum ...
I am finally redoing my basement so 90 gall and 75 will be set and good to go wohooo
Getting a piranha again after so many years... how cool.
You may have inspired me.
Have had exodons for years now, may be time for another tank of pygos or an elong.

How's that irritans of yours doing?
Very nice looking
irritans , congratulations.​
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