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New Flowerhorn

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Well my brother went ahead and against my wishes bought a flowerhorn from the local fish store (didnt want to wait for me to order some nice ones). He paid 30 dollars for the 2 incher so i guess it cannot be too bad of a fish. It has red eyes, and the base of its body is green with a darker green stripe running along the flowerline, a yellow head and red fins gills and belly. I have no clue what this guy could be. maybe one of those monkey face LH types. anyway, he said its the best looking fish that he had ever seen in a pet store, and the it already bit him on the hand when he was re arranging the tank. I could deal with this guy being a common flowerhorn with and attitude liek that. Im still laying down the money for a gem in the next month or two though.
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If i was home to see it i would
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