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This is what the petition says....
To: Producers of Fear Factor.

This petition is to be sent to the producers of that stupid show "Fear Factor." They have thrown hundreds of harmless snakes into deep water, along with an adult burm, and drowned several of them. They have thrown snakes around while sorting them causing them to break ribs and suffer from serious internal injuries. It was obvious that those that didn't die on the show died shortly thereafter. If you are tired of seeing them throw non-water snakes into a deep tub of water and seeing several of them drown, or watch them throw around snakes and causing severe injuries, please sign this petition. I'm disgusted every time I see them try to intimidate a player or please the crowd with harmless snakes passing them off as lethal and dangerous. Their show should be taken off the air for doing this, or atleast banned from using animals in their shows. Your name and email adress is required, however your email adress will not be shown to the public, having your names makes the petition have a greater impact. Comments are optiona

1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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