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Well I just got done doing a fungus treatment using Fungus Clear by Jungle. It says a second treatment is safe if after four days. Well I'm watching my Pacu today and they were as alive as ever and fighting each other. I then noticed that there eyes were not totaly cleared up and it's been 3 days after I finished there 4 day treatment. Should I go ahead and treat them again? I have to worry about this because somehow the water got all cloudy and I just did a full water change a week ago when I did the fungus treatment. I left the filter out so the treatment would work. I did a 25% water change today and it looks worse than it did. I tested the water and everythings fine.
It was justa big supprise to wake up and see the water cloudy. Btw the gravel has been in my tank for 6 months but has been cleaned out when I do complete water changes with a strainer.

So should I do a second fungus treatment or what?

Thank you.
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