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I know this is a piranha site but I need some help. I have some tetra's in my 90 gallon and they are cycling it for me. I looked in there today and the two smaller tetras were attacking my bigger one. I looked closely and I seen he has white gunk on his eye like a slime or something and he is a black fin tetra but all his black is fading out. I tried to take a pic but no success he moves to fast and I don't have good light I will add light and try again later. I took him out of the 90 and put him in a 10 with some guppies feeders I don't use. I added salt to the tank. The heat in there is about 80-82. I just put him in the tank yesterday. Do you think the salt in the ten will cure it and is my 90 gallon going to be ok since I took him out??

Link to some pics.
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