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feeders are good for Ps...that is the right feeders. Goldfish and their cousins have growth stunting properties in their meat. Good feeders would be mollies, or small native american fish like trout, small bass etc...

shrimp, and squid are favorites here. use the search, u can find loads of stuff on there.

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Feeders aren't good for P's because they may contain hormones that prevent or slow down the growth of your fish (from what i hear) another reason is because they are very vulnerable to disease because they are constantly with hundreds of other fish in the same tank. when you feed you P's a sick fish, guess what...they become sick too. so that's why.
as for your list, i hope this helps.

Beefheart (fatty though)
mice/rats (must be a good size..very messy)
any kind of fish fillets.....
there are alot of things you can give them

make sure the food is in chunks/slices and there is NO seasoning whatsoever and are perfectly clean. i suggest running it in hot water before feeding.

also don't ever feed them firebelly toads or pufferfish, because they will die for sure.

i hope this helps you out a little bit.
Good Luck

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I just use fresh fish fillets (catfish and tilapia) and raw uncooked shrimp. I cut them into small bite size pieces when I purchase it. After cutting into pieces, I freeze the meat. When it's feeding time, I take one piece out of my freezer, let it thaw and then I feed it to my fish. After feeding, I always take out the uneaten food.

My freezer has three containers, one with catfish, one tilapia, and one shrimp. I alternate between these containers, cichlid pellets, and the occasional (aprox once a month) beefheart and bloodworms.

You feeder question has already been touched on, so I won't even elaberate on that...

Edit: Alot of people also recommend smelt. I don't use it personally because none of my local grocery stores ever carry it, but none-the-less, it should be good for your "list."

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Mmkay. Let's hold back on the caps please.

Goldfish are bad feeders because they stunt the piranha's growth. Mollies and guppies, however, are good feeders. You will want to quarantine your feeders in a 10 gallon tank or so to make sure they don't have a disease. You can even try breeding your own mollies. Since they are live-bearers, they are fairly easy to breed. Same with guppies. (Or anything that is shaped like a mollie or guppy -- they are all live-bearers.)

I feed my red-belly cichlid pellets, spirulina sticks, flake food, bottom-feeder pellets, plankton, bloodworms, and sometimes guppies.

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Problem solved!Got myself a clip that you stick to the glass,hooked it up whit a nice piece of pork.Man P's are cool!They teared it apart in a second , guess they where hungry!!!

Sheriff Freak , i wish i didint quit my job. Iuse to work in a fish market we use to trow tons of fish scrap away, would of saved me a lot of money.
But i dont REGRET working there .

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My fish will get sick of fillet and refuse to eat it.. if I feed it to them more than one or two days in a row. This happen to anyone else?

I like to alternate foods... My fish eat mostly Shrimp but also Fillet, Earthworm, Beefheart and Feeders.
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