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Hi I am new to the wet/dry filter area and was thinking about building one but I dont get how it can really clean the water that good when the only water it cleans is the top layer of water that flows through the box on your tank down to the filter media. How does it get the particles that dont float well and never make it to the top? Or are wet/dry only used for the chemicals in water and for the bacteria growth? Sorry I am a noob to the wet/dry filter.

The wet/dry is one of the best forms of bio filtration. Its main aim is filter out the ammonia and nitrite in your tank. You usually have some form of pad or sponge to trap physical matter. But this is mainly due to not wanting it getting into the bio balls area. Decent flow allows all of the water to make it to the overflow box. So the entire tank flow circles and the whole tank is turned over as many times as possible.

Bio filtration is the most important part. Polishing the water with a mechanical method is a welcome addition but not essential. The particles that don't float, as you were saying, are easily sucked up with your gravel vac. Just do regular water changes.

I hope that helps a little. There are loads of DIY tutorials on the net and on this site too. Best of luck constructing one.
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