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well im in the process of setitng up my new tank ...133 gallon

Im really looking forward to stock it with some cichlids...but the thing is i dont know alot about the diffrent types...

So i need ur help

I jst want some colorful fish that dont get to big so i could keep them in there for a while

i was thinking of some africans?

Any help is greatly appreciated..


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I'd suggest one of the following setups

A) 10-20 malawi mbuna


B) 5-10 small-to-mid-sized haplochromine and/or tanganyikan species and/or jewel species. Don't get more than 1 frontosa, though, if you have the urge to get a frontosa. And also stay away from any fish who's scientific name contains Tropheus (tropheus require special plant-oriented diets and are much more aggressive and capable fish, like mbuna)

whatever your LFS carries should work; just find out whether they're mbuna or not, first. Mbuna don't mix well with other africans, simply because they are too aggressive.

here is a great profile listing of the more commonly-available african species, that can aid you in identification

Mbuna are pretty easy to differentiate from all other african cichlids-- if you will look over the profiles, you will notice all mbuna have a distinctive body shape and short, pug-like mouths.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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