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Need an ID

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I bought them from the lfs. I know I shouldn't buy fish without knowing how big they get, but I know I can house these for life. Anyone able to help me out?

Thanks everyone!
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acaras, probably blue acaras. Get about 6" long. Can be somewhat aggressive. If that's a pair, which it would seem to be from the pics, then a 55g should suit them quite well for life, and you could add some lesser tankmates if you so wished.
Thanks a lot! It is a definite pair, as they were ferociously protecting their eggs from the other fish in their tank at the lfs. They will be moving to a 29 Gallon for just themselves in by the end of the day.
definatly a pair of acaras. the closest thing i can think of that resembles them are Aequidens patricki
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