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I've been thinking about my aquarium I want this week so much I have had headaches from time to time. I'll try to explain my dilemma.

I wanted a pretty big aquarium, money is not that big of a concern, though a bit. I looked at the 86.4 gallon aquarium (maybe in Canadian measurements?) i dunno
maybe you can judge 48" x 18" x 24" high for $312.92 (plus 15% tax, waved if u buy an acessary/basically because you get a 15% discount anyway)

I wish it was a foot longer but the only next step up our 2 choices of 108 gallon aquariums.
one is 60" x 18" x 24" Cost is $410 plus tax. the other 72" x 18" x 20" high and cost is $432 +tx

my dilemma is which one. Immediatly most people will say the last one. I've some things to consider. In my apartment I got a fairly large living area filled with chairs, dining table, tv, sofa and stuff but room i think for the 86 and i think maybe even the larger ones. Some people expressed a concern on the larger ones on the impact on the carpet maybe damaging it from the weight. Others like my girlfriend and family and some friends think I just dont need a tank quite so big. But I told them of the 20 gallons to 1 concept but they say why not get the 86 and get 4 or 5.
then there are the supportive side for larger. You guys and Pets Unlimited who understand piranhas. They encourage possibility of bigger and the benifits. But there is the costs of maintaining for more filter media and water conditioning products to and also that I like other fish and getting smaller 48" long could leave me more room for another tank of say cichlids which i like, especially blue and yellow and dwarf ones.
anyway please help!

maybe pros and cons list or something

i do have concreate floors if that helps some and im on the 2nd floor and landlord seems ok with aquariums of whatever size.
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