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sealteam said:
My tank is 100G (48" x 20" x 24")
I feed with shrimp and fish.
Welcome aboard!!!
Great fish , Love that piraya , Absolutly great color on them . But Just a little friendly advice , That tank is too small for them
They look cramped to me , Because of the Size of "Them" and the footprint is only 4 feet.
I had 4 monsters in a 135 gallon (6 Feet) and It was too small for them , They have since been added to a 210 ...

IMHO and Upgrade would do them greatly ....

Good Luck and Thanks for sharing ...

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i agree with Harley they looked cramped up. Awesome fish though and i
your piraya man.....f*ck sometimes i feel like getting rid of my already pygos and getting 3 pirayas

but :welcome:
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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