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Im almost done building my wet dry filter, . Its the one in the saved topics, easiest, most efficient, cheapest wet dry at www.predatoryfish.net . I got two draw containers, one that has three big draws. The other has 4 small ones then a medium sized one at the bottom, both of these containers are in a big rubbermaid bin. To the right of both of them, there is two 700gph pumps, pumping the water into the tank. I got a dual 1400gph overflow box too. For the draw container that has 3 draws, the first draw has a very fine foam that was reconmended in the saved topics post. The second draw is filled with bioballs. The third is also filled with bioballs. For the other draw container, the first draw also has the same foam as the other one. The second draw is filled with filter floss. The third has ammo rocks. The fourth is a mixture of fluval prefilter and small bioballs. The last draw is filled with bioballs. Ill take more pictures once its all finished and running. pictures Im now complety done building it and its up and running. I didnt get a chance yet to take any pictures of it whens its up and runnig. Its working great so far. The only thing i have to try to fix is some of the bioballs in the bottom draws are submerged in the water. One of the things that i really like about it though is that if i ever wanted to clean the foam or something, i could just take the draw with the foam in it out and leave the filter running, then clean the foam and put it right back in. sorry the pictures are so bad, the camera is really cheap
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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