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My big red's eye is swollen

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I got a good look at him today, and one of his eyes is sticking out like two times farther than the other one. I can't post pictures, but does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? Other than that he's acting normal.
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Is it white? (cloudy) If so very much could be.
water change dude..you probably have high ammonia..

I agree had the same prob myself. Water from tap was 6ppm

I suggest to test tap and tank water first. If it's the tank. treat do a big waterchange after treatment. And use bio zyme or bio spira both work great for making a good biolodgical process.
If its the tap like mine buy a water filter from petsmart for 30 dollars. that will remove ammonia.
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Ahhhhhhh Gooooold FiiiiiiiiiSh
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