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Moving Across The Country

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So I am moving 2,000 miles in three months and I have three mostly adult piranhas. I am considering rehoming them because I am not sure how to move them without stressing them to death. I really don't want to rehome them because I love them. When I got them from someone on Craigslist, they had been abused and they came in a 30 gallon tank. Now they are big, healthy, and happy in a 90 gallon tank and are spoiled as much as a piranha can be spoiled. Is there anyway I can take them on a three day move and not kill them? I was thinking about a 5 gallon bucket with a battery powered air pump. Is there anyway to tranquilize a fish? Any help would be great. Thank you
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I have done 2 day trips... It could be done but wont be easy.

Use a power inverter (12V to 120V) in your car vs battery powered. You will need a 5 gal bucket and a heater per fish (+1 for filter media), an air pump with a line for each bucket, and its prob smart to have a thermometer in each bucket. Staying in a hotel during the nights allowed me to do water changes (bring dechlorinator) and make sure things were in check.

The best option would be finding a LFS or local fish keeper that is comfortable with shipping. Have them hold the fish for a week and send them when you have arrived and got the tank running.
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