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check out this link...a webcam in a laundrymat. My Webpage

Here is some european city or some sh*t The camera is also controlllable here

another controlable one, but not as cool ...check it

Wow i found some perverts spy station, where he probably masterbates to people through thier windows..hes got cams rigged everywhere pervertcam

Here is one inside some store. pretty sweet chest cam
Here are some Google search strings to help you on your way. Just copy and past in the search bar.

# "my webcamXP server!"

# /home/homeJ.html

· my sister is #1 best prostitute
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i got a webcam when i first got a cable modem and used it kind of liek a video phone with my friends in college, he would have it on when they had parties in his frat house.. i was looking at some of the other peopels cams and this chick started hhhmm pleasuring her self for all to see, she was hot, it wasnt like a p0rn site or anything like that..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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