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meh ooscar

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my baby albino oscar has little black stripes that are running paralell on his dorsal fin. fungus? i just treated my oscar and all my p's for ick. does it normally turn black after an ick treatment? should i thrown in aquarium salt? its it fatal if not treated?
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nyquil said:
if he dies, oh well. hes just a baby, and theyre not too hard to find.
Even if he dies, and you do get another one.. you'll still need to know what the problem or cause was. Just because you add a new fish, the disease or bacteria that was bothering your late fish can still be in the tank and can infect your fish once again.. making it the same problem. Since you've added salt and your fish is doing better, then I hope for the best of your Oscar and hope he gets 100%.
nyquil said:
it started right after i treated ick ( 5 days). there are little streaks of black going up away from his body on his dorsal fin.
its kinda starting to go away now. the black is getting alot more pale, so it should be find.
I must've misread the first part. But its true what Innes said. Stress or different emotions can make the fish turn into different colors.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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