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live plants

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I got a 55gal with a couple of gold fish and a jack demp just shiting in my tank for cycling reason I had 10 feeder fish in their last night their is know 2 left. Jack's only about an inch long. maybe the cat got them. But I was wondering when I should add the live plants.
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Any time you want. They aren't really dependant on the cycle process (sometimes they can give it a boost). I put mine in right away.
i would put them in right away. i did worked fine.
Yeah, I planted the greenery as soon as the tank was half full with water.... No problems whatsoever.
the plants can go in now, and the missing goldfish story is strange, perhaps they jumped on your floor?
A soon as possible so they should addapt to water and gravel!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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