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Everyone list the piranha you have and what size tank there in. I have 1 5inch gold spilo in a 10g(this is holding tank, he will soon be moved to a bigger tank), 1 6inch gold spilo in a 30g, 4 7inch red bellys and 1 6inch cariba in a 75g(soon to be moved to a bigger tank with more piranha). And hopefully some cariba and ternetzi soon

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i have 2 12" caribe, 2 12" ternetzi, 1 12" piraya and 1 10" piraya in a 190 for now. their 220 is empty at the moment.

10 7"-11" reds 1 7" piraya and 1 8" ternetzi in a 190. i just sold the 4 7" caribe yesterday.

i have an empty 190 because i sold my huge rhom yesterday.

i have a 60g with a 11"+ jet black brazilian rhom.

a 50g with a 10"+ high back black diamond rhom.

a 50g split with a 7" manuelli and a 7" elongatus.

and another 50g with 10 wild caught reds.


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6 8 in. reds in 180 (4 4in. caribe upon delivery)
1 9 in. rhom in 55
3 1.5 in. ternetzi in a 30 (will go in 180 when big enough)

John from cincinnati

wes, that is one hell of a collection. where do you keep all those large tanks? and also, why did you sell the big rhom? I thought you just got it.
1 - 20 of 1117 Posts
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