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Least Stressful Transfer Method?

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Hi I just acquired two new red bellies and was holding them in a 40 gallon until the bigger 60 could be setup properly.

That's done now and they have done a little growing in the meantime. What is the least stressful way to transfer them? They are just about an inch each
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Tank to tank? Test the water in both tanks and compare... if the PH, temp, etc are similar you are fine to just net them and drop them in.

If you want you could use a bucket (enough water to cover the fish) and slowly drip or add water from the new tank. If the new tank isnt cycled and fresh, you should use most of the filter media from the first tank and transfer it over with the fish.
Thanks for the advice! It is rank to tank. I've leapfrogged an older hob filter to the new tank to seed the new filter. It's been running for almost two weeks so I hope that's enough.

Tests ph is similar. I will try bucket drip though just in case
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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