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large rhom only eats at night

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my large rhombeus will only eat at night with the lights off and Im a little confused why.I haven't seen this behavor in my natteri, small spilo or small rhombeus.I have tried feeding the large rhombeus during the day and it just gets wasted.are rhombeus' nocternal?
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Dont sweat it Nitro. Most Rhoms are shy to eat in front of their owners. I have 2 Rhoms.. one who would give a show as soon as you drop a feeder in there, while the other doesnt even look their way until im out of the room or when im asleep at night. I even patiently waited for an hr just try and take a pix of his going after a feeder. Its a common thing most would tell you.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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