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Juvie Caribe Odd Behavior?

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Seems I have solved the problem.

See below

Ill try and grab a picture...if he ever comes out.
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Also should I just keep the lights down pretty low for a few straight days instead of the normal 6 hours on day time lighting? He seems to explore a little bit further when lights are down
Hey man... congrats on what I'm guessing is your first piranha!

I'm gonna go old school on yer ass here and ask a few routine questions.
Ya know when ya go to the doctor with a broken thumb, yet they still wanna know your height, weight, temperature, medical history, etc.? lol

A pic would be cool.... of the whole tank and maybe a closeup of him if that's possible.

What size is the tank?

What are you using in the way of filtration?

Do you know what your water parameters are? (temperature, pH, nitrate level, nitrite level, ammonia level)

More 'on topic': yes, it's extremely normal for him to be hiding.
First of all, he's a very young fish.
Secondly, he's new to this environment.
Thirdly, P. cariba is not exactly a 'schooling' fish, but they do live in groups, so he's prolly a lil' scared being by himself.

As for lighting schedule, I think it's best to never have the light be too bright, and have it on/off on a normal day/night schedule.
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Hey man... congrats on what I'm guessing is your first piranha!
This will be my second go at it. I had a lively group of Reds a while back (6 if I remember) and after a year and some months I just didnt have the space for them tank wise so I gave them to a friend.

Anyways! I think I may have solved my problem. I had TOO many spots for the bugger to hide! I removed some of the caves and plants and now he is swimming around the tank quite actively. I also removed a small tetra that was the only other tank mate. I think maybe it would swim around non stop and somewhat spook the Caribe.

He even let me get close and take some pics. What is the best way to post them on here? I see all the blocked ones from "that one host site" lol

Here ya go!


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