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heffer2028 said:
when will the cloudiness stop? when will this mess settle?

i should have put sand before water...
Believe it or not I made the same mistake with my first batch of sand a year ago. It took a month before my water was crystal clear. What you should have done and i am not in any way ridiculing you is empty 20 pound bag in a bucket, fill with water, stir the sand up, and empty bucket carefully of the water. Then dump it in an empty tank. Than proceed onto other bags until your done and fill tank with water...Don't worry your fish will be ok and eventually it will clear. If you have no fish in tank do a major large water change 90% and refill tank slowly with the water running against the glass.

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I just added sand to a running bare bottom tank, and it went fine. It shouldn't cloud if you wash it out, I didn't even wash it for that long.
You need to wash it out in small amounts, like in a 5g bucket I only washed out about 3-4" of sand at a time. Just run water into the bucket into the sand and stir it around until the water is clear, then little by little add it to the bottom of your tank with a smaller pail or cup, so it doesn't go all over. A 40g took me about an hour to do, crystal clear. I find it easier to add sand after water.
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