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Just Pissed Off!

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Pissed off as much as i can right now !
for past 2 weeks i am trying to contact aquascape to reserve my rhom but eighter they dont pick up or i need "extension" when want to call them !! past few month i cant get my hands on damn Rhombeus !? might bet nice 5inch caribe for $50 ;-)
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I have no idea why the hobby has gone downhill so much... ya'd think there'd be a fresh supply of hobbiests coming along at all times.

You ever get ahold of Pedro... and get that rhom?
Never got ahold of him , received replies to call them but if you dont know extension call will end , and ive never got any extension to press.. Their customer service sucks ass .. Eventually i got Rhombues from them , but i didnt personally get it , had to send friend since i couldnt afford absence in work ..
Bugger is mean and happy , now crossed inch . in 20G long for now , but once brother will set up tank , he will have 90g for himself for life
That sucks about Pedro, maybe he's just out of the loop temporarily.

That's great about your rhom though... love the ones that have 'attitudes'.

Hope ya post a pic when you get him settled.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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