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Just picked up 2 Supers

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Just got home not to long ago. Went to Mashunter18's house and got two 4" Supers off him.
They are gorgeous! Are fitting in great with my two Piraya and two Cariba. Mashunter18 got these fish from Ash shortly before he left us.
All his fish are wonderfull, healthy, and I would recomend anyone in the Ohio are interested in his fish to jump all over them. I will try to get some pics up when I can round up a digital camera. I have the fish in a "Mirrorback" tank. This tank does not have a mirror film or anything like that. It is an actual mirror on back must have been a show tank or something. It does not seem to freak out the fish.

Thanks again Matt,
Take care everyone,

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Matt does take care of his collections, so no doubt that you do have some prized Ps. Cant wait to see the pics!!
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Post up some pics of these 2 new beauties!
Yeah Matt has some nice fish. He had a nice Geryi, but it disappeared and have no clue where it is. He's a good fishkeeper and a friend, even hooked my roommates up with part time jobs.

Those super reds he had are vicious. Good pickup Joey. And get some pics of this tank.
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