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Just Joining The Black Piranha Club!

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Hi all-
Just picked up my 1.5-2" Black. I saw him at the store and he was super active, looked great, and literally following my finger so I had to get him!

Just had a few questions. I've kept cichlids and other fish before with great success and no losses except for old age haha.

1) I have him in a 20g for now. Two air pumps, great filteration system. Mini heater with Temp steady at 78. Fish seemed very happy after the initial transport dump after he got used to water temp floating the bag. It is day two of ownership and he has become a little skittish. Hiding In the corner , same one, rarely moving around. I've read this is completely normal as they adjust etc. is it normal? Just want to confirm? He usually stays by the air pump and filter motor, maybe he likes the flowing?

2) this is my main concern: He hasn't eaten - I brought him home Yesterday. I have tried: frozen krill, freeze dried mealworms, frozen bloodworm cubes, frozen beef heart, and gourmet crickets in a can. He hasn't touched anything. Is this also normal to not eat due to new habitat etc? I've read that it is but again just want reassurance. Or maybe I should try another food item? Suggestions?

3) is gravel a good idea or no? At first I wanted bottom bare, but figured he would feel more secure with gravel. And it gives the tank character.

4) the lighting is LED and I feel it's a little too bright, so I leave it off but use blinds for natural sunlight and it is very subtle lighting- so it's more dim. Suggestions? Recommendations?

Thank you guys! Very excited to join the Rhom keepers.

I don't know how to attach pic or I would..... thanks again!
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1) Totally normal, also the air pump isnt necessary if you have good surface agitation. I would get rid of it and add a powerhead for extra flow.

2) Also normal, could take a week for him to accept food. They typically wont starve themselves to death unless there is another issue. I would try a small piece of shrimp on a piece of thread or fishing line, suspend it in the middle of the tank and leave the room.

3) Up to you, could even use sand.

4) Routine is important, put the light on a timer and let the fish get used to it.

I would also start looking for a bigger tank, a 20 gal isnt going to last long.
Awesome. How is he getting on? Where r u from? I'm trying to get a Thom myself but can't find one anywhere :/ I'm in the UK.
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