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I have become a vegetarian for about a few months now. I was a guy who was working out, modeling and loved chicken, eggs and fish mostly for my meals. I couldn't stand a primarily vegetarian food, I didn't eat rice, I took carbs from bread, bananas etc, loved fruits, fruit juices, never took carbonated drinks like coke etc, no junk food too.

Anyway, I do not know why I suddenly changed...you know, once changed within and it is expressed without. I couldn't go on with meat, it's what I grew into as a person...it has nothing to do with religious stuff whatsoever, spiritual..yes...it very much has to do with Love. I can go explaining but I do not wish to get long winded more than this will be and you wouldn't want to read such a long post either, but it's clear as stated.

I realize and also have been told that some veggie food, especially the one that is baught such as veggie chicken, veggie fish etc are applied with chemicals, which can increase cholesterol level. Besides this, some of you also know that I have been going through a bad depression because of my Love life. Many other things depressed me, like education for an example....

Anyway, let me just say my life became stagnant, I couldn't keep up with my work out, eventually became out of shape, I am not fat or obese but I have increase in my weight, from about 80kg to 102kg and now almost a 100kg as I have been exercising at home before getting back to the gym tomorrow. I am 6'2, and damn I have been feeling dizzy, sometimes I feel pain in the heart...feeling very weak, with very low energy, very short breath..sometimes I would also feel pain in my kidney area, I am not sure if this is from being a vegetarian or more ( if it has been building up since before )...I am not typing this to get attention please don't start the bloody flaming, some of you I have been close to and have enjoyed communicating...instead of thinking who else to PM one after another, I guess I would just post a thread.

I have been trying to fight, forcing myself to exercise, planning to get back to the gym as well as joining a martial art class I have been wanting, I would also need to prepare for my college exam in May. I will go for a medical check up of course, I haven't told my parents about how I am feeling yet
....it created an argument when they knew I wanted to become a veggie, they feared it would decrease my body nutritions...but it's heart disease that I'm highlighting here...is any one of you a vegetarian? What is your diet? Ok I better stop here, I just wanted to say incase I am gone...as in hospitalized or worse...I just wanted you to know, I am ok...there's nothing to fear. At this moment, I just do not wish to burden my parents...they have done so much for me....
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