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Yesturday morning.
It was dirty as hell!
The first stage filtration/hollow ceramic tubes were pasked to the brim with dirt and grime!
After washing those out with tank water I did the same to my Bacterial Media, Ehfi Subsrat Pro or something...
Both came out real dirty and I rinsed the course filter cartridge real good.

At first I though I'd most probably killed my bacteria colony but now, over 24hours later, my Ammonia is still at 0ppm!

To all them Eheim Classic Canister Filter users out there, clean your fisrt stage filtration on a regular 2month basis if not using a prefilter.
I Now use a DIY prefilter by putting a thin strip of filter floss/pillow batting against the intake and holding it in place using a rubber band.
Same with my AC110.
Traps all the dirt and onve every two days I change it out for another one.
Just remember to use a plastic ziploc bag or the sort when removing the prefilter or the debris will just go back into your tank again!

*I found small chunks of Shrimp and Fish after draining out the dirty water after cleaning the canister to see what was there.
No wonder my Nitrates were always hard to get down...
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