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i just thought i would introduce myself ,i'm from the uk and have kept reds for a few years i am no expert mostly due to the fact ive never had any problems to deal with but i must be doing something right :D
i have seen this board mentioned on p fish a few times and thought i would check it out and i am impressed
also recognised a few names on this board, i'm not a post whore so will mostly do a lot of reading but i'll try and help out when i can.
hopefully i may get rid of the reds and go for a decent size rhom in the near future possibly from fishpost with the other uk boys as i am signing up with nick g today
well thats enough from me thanks in advance for any replys i will be logging on when i get back to work as i use works time for the net and my own time for everything else
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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