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ok well since it seems like a lot of people have been getting sick lately i thought i would sare a little home remedy my mom taught me. Ok well once you have been exposed to the stomach flu, wether someone you know got it or you think you might have been exposed, you make a little drink. You put in 1 teaspoon apple cider viniger, 8 cups of water, and some honey. Mix it up and take sips every half hour or do it like i did and just chug it down. Do not try to pass all the water and just take the spoonfull of apple cider viniger it will make you puke. Also please note that if you chug it all at once you will most likely get a tiny stomach ache and get a real bad aftertaste in your mouth. Everytime that i was exposed and i did this drink i have never gotten the flu. Same goes for everyone else in my family. I would advise you to try this, it will most likely work because the viniger makes it so the virus cant stick in your system it makes it pass through without harm.....The reason i bring this up is becuase like i said before i have tried it before and it worked but it was put to the tue test this past week.....I was at school and some kid got the stomach flu. Now i dont know if you know this or not but the stomach flu is only contagous when people are showing symptoms like throwing up or dieriha or whatnot and it is an airborn virus. Anyways this kid after throwing up a little coughed in my face a few times becuase he stayed at school and heard me say if i get the flu im going to cut off his head so he exposed me a sh*t load all throughout lunch and when i came hom i took the drink......That was monday and today is literally sunday and i haent gotten sick yet which means i wont!!!!
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