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Just thought id see if anyone else here keeps Jack. Here is some pictures of my Jack Dempsey, Scarface. He was orginally living with a Red Belly Piranha, who terrorized him whenever the lights went out. While I was in teh process of setting up his new tank he had just about all he could take of the Red and thrashed him up pretty bad, although his face was bitten in the process. These Pictures are from christmas and i am awaiting new ones as he has surpassed 8 inches now.
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You can see some of his fin damage here. It has healed quite nicely.
This guy is very entertaining to watch and will practice surface strikes all night long. This is my brothers favorite fish. They almost eat in a panic sometimes, when he was tanking up with the red, the piranha would make a slow creeping approach over to some food and right before he bit into it, scar would come flying in out of no where and swallow whatever it was whole.
He is actually sharing a tank with a 5 inch Malapterurus Electricus right now. I need to get these two seperated because by the time the Electricus reaches 7 inches its night night for scar face. There is also a 5 inch Royal Pleco, 5 inch Bristlenose, 4 inch common, and a 6 inch bullnose in this tank.
If they are both of equally small size, the JD has a good chance of killing the red belly as it can reach 9 inches in the first year. Red bellies are way to timid to handle JD aggression and teeth, which by the way are much more pronounced then on the 5.5 inch red although not as debilitating. On the other hand the JD would have gotten his face bit off with my Gold Spilo or Brandtii which dont mess around.
1 - 7 of 24 Posts
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