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I bought quite a large piece of grapevine from a local aquatics/reptile shop recently. It thought it would look great in my piranha tank but on the label is said it was for a vivarium, so i asked the guy in the shop if it would be ok to put it in my fish tank and he said yeah just soak it to leech out all the colour first, so I did for about a month to get rid of the bouyancy and colour.
I put it in my tank yesyerday and it looks great but I am wondering if this type of wood is safe for an aquarium or will it rot and poisin my tank water?? It looks like normal bogwood but is not as hard or compact as bogwood is. Any advice appreciated.

By the way i dont trust what the fish shop guy said as they are all muppets who work there. When I last went there was a fish flapping about on the floor and the piranhas were all full of fungus and cloudy eye.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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