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I'm proud of my p's

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Ok guys, so I shared this on the previous post about my little 4 inch rhom attacking my finger through the glass today. Well, he did it again. I was pumped. I haven't fed him a feeder in front of people at all since I have had him. Well, today, I had five friends over and they wanted to see him eat a feeder. I was kind of unsure about how he would perform. He attacked my finger, but the lights in the room were off and I was the only one in the room. This was a totally different scenario. I had 5 friends chilling, watching tv, drinking some beers with the lights on in the room. I was sceptical about throwing a small feeder in because I was unsure how my rhom would react. I thought, "What the hell." I threw a small feeder in and in less than ten seconds, he delivered the fatal blow and ate everything but the head. My friends were so pumped!!! It was his first "audience" and I was proud of his performance.

So, I've got a 75 with a 6 inch red and a 7 inch red that I've had for a month. They, like the rhom, have been opening up a lot and they will eat feeders if I have the lights off in the room and if they don't see any movement. The smaller red is more active than the larger one, and it is always the one to get the feeders first. Well, after the show with my rhom, my friends wanted to see more. They didn't get enough. They wanted to see the reds tear some sh*t up. So, we came in my room and I threw a 4 inch goldfish in there and in less than 10 seconds they tore the crap out of the little guy. Scales were floating everywhere. I've only fed them feeders a few times and it normally takes them a long while to go after them, but I was equally impressed with my reds as I was with my rhom. My friends were too. I will be adding caribe as soon as somebody gets them in.

Sorry for the long post. I was just so excited that I had to share the carnage story!
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nice, man! Looks like that was a lucky break. Oughta keep up the practice with the fish
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Happy that you got yourself an entertaining Rhom!!
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it always nice to have a liitle killer
It´s a natural born killer...envious!
(droooooooooool) I love Mean evil fish Muahahaahhahahahaha
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