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So for those of o who don't know me then your kinda new. lol. others know me cause p fury was my damn life! i did sell all my fish and tanks but im back... i bought a 40 gallon the other day and just set it up with some small tigger barbs and my roommates bought some gold fish for it.

ill be shopping around for some 100 gallon + tanks. you know me! loving those mobs of p's!

picking up a 10 gallon today too. before you know it ill be setting up some more GB's with Pedro or ash! lol. wait... where is ashs links? is he gone?

just wanted to say hi and let you guys know im back. the fury is growing inside me and my roommates are gonna get a taste of it when i bring home some p's.

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Fourteen 6-7" Super Red / Red Belly Piranhas
One 6" Hystrix Ray
One 14" Clown Knife
One 10" Silver Arowana
Two 9" Marble Motoro Rays
One 5" Diamond Rhom
OUTA THE HOBBIE 8-2004... I'll be back!
slowly returning... 1-2005
40 gallon...
10 1/2" Tigger barbs

me too

and welcome back
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