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Ive had these guys for about a month, but I just got a camera for Christmas. The tank is a 100 gal divided in 2, and I havent had the money to decorate it and make it all nice... yet! tell me what you think of these badboys and what they are!

I was told this guy was a Rhom. hes pretty mello, not skittish, but he sometimes tries to eat me through the glass.

more pics:

no flash

I got this guy as a brandtii. hes a little smaller than the rhom, hes a little skittish, but I think he is way better looking. he is always trying to get the rhom through the divider and it looks like he has bigger teeth =P.

another pic:

no flash

right now I feed them frozen shrimp (thawed of course), silversides, and the occasional feeders and redclaw crabs. the rhom seems to eat everything while the other always has leftovers i need to scoop out

these are my first piranahs, but ive been keeping/breeding aggressive cichlids for a few years now, so any advice is welcome. Im hoping the brandtii will come out of his shell so to speak, once I decorate the tank.
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