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as u guys know i love my rhoms and i just bought a digital camcorder hopefully i figure out how to work it right if not ill be asking mad lol anywho i saw him today cause its been awhil like 4 months and my baby has the red in is eyes and he's soo fatttt!!!!! omg!!!! god i love rhoms and it feels even better that i raised him from a nickel size to a whopping 7" now it'll be 5 yrs this may
and for his 5th b-day i might get him a treat like hmmm a mouse or maybe a fancy goldfish or any other suggestions people? as soon as i get this cam working im taking a pic so all of u can see my baby (assassin) great name huh

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thePACK said:
dang five years ..nice..hope you figure out your camara quickly so we can see your pic
Yeah.. hope it wont take 5 yrs to post that pix/vid of your Rhom also.

Cause I am sure lagg'in on mines!!!!
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