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first off i am a new fish owner, and new piranha owner, my water hasn't even established a cycle yet, thats how new i am to this. anyways i was at the store today sellign some p's becasue i dont have the space for them and they looked unhappy. a 90 gal with 9 4-5" P's. i got rid of 4 and a stupid crayfish that ate everythign i put in my tank. they said they were goign to get new black p's in for the first time, im think DAMN i wast a RHOM! then we started talkin about vicious fish and he introduced me to a oscar. the pair of fish i never bothered to look at im DYING for. i walked by them time after time again and once he demonstarted that they attack other piranhas iin the wild and they can jump out, and showed me you can train them, i fell in love! well anyways i plan on getting some now, well as soon as my water establishes which i hope will be soon.

anyways what other vicious fish are there? i like P's cuz they attack and rip things apart, where the oscar is rough but just swallows things whole or in a bit or two, and look freaking dope. i like them both but i want to kwo if there is anything else out there i must have passed over?
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