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I am sending the email with the attached videos as I speak.

the email is HUGE....just so you know\

*edit*...I dont think it was able to send. the email is in my 'sent' folder, but I dont think it transfered all the files.

let me know if u got them.

I am gonna try to send them individually

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Gumby said:
Yes I do. I would greatly appreciate it.
Hi there Gumby,

I have now edited the Pygocentrus -video (mov00848.mpg).
I removed the sound and cut off the file after 40 sec.

The video is now in wmv -format and the size is 10,139 Kb. Bitrate is 2,100 kb/sec so the quality is as good as in the originall one.

So my question is where can I send it.
If I e-mail it to you, it might happen that the file is too big.
I can also cut the file into pieces with HJ-Split and then You can join the pieces back into full file. HJ-Split is a very useful programme of only 175 kb big and does not need any installation if you don't already have it.

41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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