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Dang, If you asked me, those are more than what I would even think about buying... especially for glass tanks!!
Best bet for me is always 2nd hand!! That, the local advertisments, eBay, or wait for a friendly neighborhood PF'er to get rid of one. I paid $150 for my 125 gal from a friend, and recently got a 35 gal off Craigslist.com for $20. All acrylic, too!!

They're all 2nd hand, but what matters most is the predetors inside the tank!! (And thats what Im putting most of my investments in)

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I dont know if i told you guys or not,
But i am kidna good at building things,

ive built two cars, and a house fence ... lota stuff.

I was talking to a guy "friend" who builds Indy cars, he said he built his tank. 300 Gal, cost him like 350 bucks + time, is this right?

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watch that board's buy/sell like a HAWK.. i found a 200gallon on there for 600.00 (acrylic the works! even lights and heaters)

I also bought a oceanic reef ready (overflows) 180gallon, glass lids, 65gallon acrylic sump, tank stand, and some other misc stuff, 400.00 done deal..

Thats your ultimate best bet, also found my ro/di on reefs.org for 80 shipped (kent HI-S 60gpd) only 4 months old.
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