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I cleaned mine outside.
Get yourself a bowl or somthing, and somthing to scoop the sand with.
And a garden hose with sprayer attacment.

Fill the bowl about halfway full of sand, and use the sprayer to mix the sand up.
I stuck the sprayer partially down in the sand and moved it around in circles.

Dump of excess water...Repeat untill the water on top of the sand is clear within a couple of seconds.

Its really time consuming. I cleaned 150 lbs in about 4 hours.
However when I dumped the sand in my tank it cleared fast.

Hope I've helped.


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Golfer - The more time you put into cleaning the sand before you add it to your tank, the less it will cloud up your water. I would be especially cautious if you have fish in the tank. Too much silt clouding the water can easily clog up fish gills.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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