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how long will they last?

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ive been feeding my ps a lot of krill lately but theyve been eating it right up. i dont let the krill rot in there? but seeing as how ive been feeding them a lot, i decided to check the ammonia and it is about .5?! will my ps be okay until i get home from school later today to change the water?

i change my water every week 33% every monday and always check the ammoniaand it may be .25 by monday but its usually 0. but today is thursday and it is already high?! think its just because ive been feeding them more or there is some krill decomposing somewhere? can i feed them before school or wait till i get home?
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I am not sure what .5 ammonia will do if anything to them. Makesure when you get home have a good gravel vac and look under driftwood etc to see if you got any rotting food anywhere. I found a fish head when I last lifted my driftwood !

I hope your P's are ok.
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Always clean your filter media in tank water. Tap water will kill off your bacteria.
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