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It's not that my ph is high, it's a nice and steady 7.0 with frequent water changes, but having read that a possible reason for slow rhom growth is osmotic stress, I'm contemplating adding peat to my filter to bring down the ph. My target ph is going to be around 6.5 or so, will it be difficult to bring the ph to that level and have it stay there using only peat in my filter or is it fairly straightforward? I never have ph fluctuations so I assume my water is at least moderately hard but if my ph is going to drop down too far from the peat then I don't see it being a worthwhile investment or even beneficial for the health of my fish.

My other concern with peat is just how much does it darken the water? If it's only a moderate effect I can handle that and be happy, but I am using a heavily planted tank for this rhom to ensure the best possible health and can't afford too much light blockage. Naturally, I also would like to be able to see my fish, and not just some brown murky mess

Advice is appreciated, if it's just a moderate tinge to the water like when you add new driftwood I can handle it, but if it's a serious darkening I probably won't like it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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