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how any Cariba...

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hi all, i have a 50 gallon, with woods, plants and black sand, i can put cariba into this tank ?
how many fish ?
i think to 3 or 4 cariba, but it's too much ???
thanks for you reply
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grosse gurke said:
memen said:
you say that one cariba is more agressive than a reds but a group of reds become more agressiv than a group of caribe ?
No, I am saying that within each species you will find aggressive and territorial fish, as well as skittish fish. IMO how they act as a shoal depends on the individual fish making up that shoal.
Im with Jeff on this one. And honestly, 3 Caribas wont be as exciting than a bigger shoal with your Rbs together.
memen said:
piraya and cariba are too expensiv for me... 385 euro to get 3 cariba in france... i want to give 120 euro per 2 or 3 caribe, no 385 euro

so I stay with my reds only................
Yeah Caribas and Pirayas are expensive.. but like they say, "the better ones are always expensive". Not that Im down playing RBs or other Ps. But Caribas and Pirayas have certain personalities and looks that most Ps cant compete with.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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