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House is gonna be treated for termites...

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I just found out today that next month the house is gonna be tented for termites. What should I do with my tank? Would it be alright to just cover it really good or should I take the tank to another location? This kinda sucks cause I just hooked up a new Eheim 2028 and I don't want to move the tank and don't want my fish to die but we can't avoid the mad termites we got. I was just about to buy more fish too then I heard this news today. Anyone that had their house tented please post your experience.


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How big is or are your tanks? Safest thing to do is move them. But if you have a lot or have some big ones, I would just cover all tanks up with some plastic or a tarp and duck tape the son of a beyatch down. But definately investigate what goes on with the process.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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