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I Just Got A Hoplias And An Erythrinus Delivered From SharkAquarium.com On Monday. Funny Thing Is When I Ordered A "Wolf Fish" From RiverWonders.com I Got A Erythrinus Instead Of A Hoplias So f*ck RiverWonders.com! But I Was Expecting My Wolf Fish From SharkAquarium.com to Look Like The One I Got From RiverWonders And That's When It All Made Sense That RiverWonders Blows...Anyway, That's Not The Reason For This Topic.

I Don't Know Much About Them At All, I Just They Looked Neat And I Wanted Them Both. I'm Looking For Information On Different Kinds Of Wolf Fish So Far I Have Heard Of 4 "Common" "Red Finned" "Rainbow" "Gold" But They Could All Be Referring To The Same Ones I Suppose. Anybody Who Knows Anything About Them Or Has And Recommendations On What I Should Do To Make Them As Happy As Possible Oh Yeah, And Should I Have Them Together In My 75? They Are Both 6-7" Right Now!

I Have Some Pics Of Them At http://home.neb.rr.com/piranha/brandon.htm

I Would Really Like To Hear What You Have To Say About Them
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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