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First of all congratulations on your pickup. Here is just a quick overview of some wolfish species:

There are 3 genuses(sp?) that I know of: hoplias, erythrinus, and hoplerythrinus.

The common wolfish that you have is a hoplias malabaricus. He will reach a max size of 16"-18". They will eat just about anything and can be very agressive

The red-hi fin wolfish you got is a erythrinus erythrinus. They will get to a max size of 8". Therefore, at a certain point it may become necessary to separate the common from the red. Although some have successfully kept them together. Freddy Mercury has done it and you may want to consult him for tank setup. But in general you want to provide plenty of cover( driftwood, plants, and rocks) to help dissapate agression. The rainbow wolfish you mentioned is a erythrinus sp. They are pretty the same as a erythrinus erythrinus but the coloring is different. Often times although rainbow wolfish and erythrinus erythrinus are used interchangeably.

The gold wolfish, Hoplerythrinus unitaeniatus, is also called a black banded wolfish. They can reach a size of 16". There also exists a gold wolfish that is a hoplias( I believe) that is a "true" gold wolfish.

IMHE, I have not had much success keeping wolfish together in pairs unless they are mated. You many want to add more and possibly upgrading the tank. It really depends. I kept 3 commons together with minimal problems in a 70 gal and then I kept 2 golds in a 80 gal with a lot problems. Hope this helps

edit: Everybody feel free to correct any errors
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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