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Hmmm, thinking about it...

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Since there's only 1/4" thick acrylic available around here and I want to build my own tank I was wondering if I should try to build something big, but not over 18" high. I want to be able to keep a bunch of Ps in it (like 10+) but not sure what kind of dimensions I should go with. I know if I go 6 feet long and 2 feet deep that it would be ~270 gallons. Should I worry about having those dimensions for the tank with 1/4" acrylic or should that be okay? I don't want to get it all built and then fill it with water only for it to bust and turn my basement into a lake. Also what kind of support should I be using?
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:laugh: My bad, I was looking at my other calculation, yeah it's only 135.
Just went to the local glass company and asked them about getting 1/2" glass or acrylic. They said glass would be the cheapest and easiest way out. So I asked them to price me 3 6'x2'x1/2" glass sheets and 2 2'x2'x1/2" glass sheets with 45 degree cut and polished edges. They will hopefully be getting back to me sometime within the next couple days. I'll keep everyone updated.
Really? They had a massive tank built there that they've had for 14 years they said. VERY nice looking 3 feet high x 5 feet wide with 1/2" thick glass cut to 45 degree angles sealed with silicone. Looked great. Said they've never had a problem with it. I did mention it to them because I notice on all my tanks it's overlapping and on all the DIY tutorials it says to overlap. They said 45 mitered angles were the way to do it. But seeing as how all the other tanks out there aren't mitered, I think you're right Nate.

BTW, they had some nice fish in there. Big bala sharks a huge pleco (14+") and 2 parrot fish I think is what they're called. Very nice setup, but they had a bunch of undergravel filters with powerheads rather than a wet/dry. They said the tank cost $3000 total.
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