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from aquatiq terrors cichlid forum:

"I think a lot of cichlids show intelligence. My oscar likes to play with things. So does the midas and the buttikoferi. The butti and oscars used to push a conch shell back and forth across the bottom of the tank. The butti would push it to one side. then the oscar pair would push it back to the butti's side. They'd do this a couple of times until eventually they'd both end up pushing on it in opposite directions at the same time. Kinda like reverse tug-o-war. Now that the oscars aren't in that tank anymore, the butti just pushes the shell around all by herself. She looks so sad and pathetic sometimes.

And when I had the midas and tiger oscar in a divided tank together. The midas figured out that if he swam up to the top and turned sideways, he could squeeze across the top of the divider to the oscar's side. The intelligent part was, he's beat the oscar's scales off, then quick jump back over onto his side before I saw him. This went on for a few days with the oscar looking more and more ragged as time went by and me getting more and more nuts trying to figure out how he looked all beat up when he was all by himself. Then I happened to glance out at the tank in the kitchen and caught the midas in the act of going over the top of the divider and finally I knew how the oscar was getting so beat up looking.

I also recently put my big tiger in a different tank and didn't move his "toys" suction cups and lettuce clips, with him. So he started playing with the heater. He'd grab it in his mouth and bang it off the side of the tank. To make him stop doing it, my 5 yr old would throw pellets in for him. It only took him a day to "train" my 5 yr old. Now he bangs the heater off the tank then swims to the front to wait for her to throw the pellets in for him "
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