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Pacu caught in Washington State. Oregon is then smeared.
KATU 2 News - Portland, Oregon

Is it a piranha in Northwest waters? KATU finds out

August 11, 2004

CAMAS, WASH. - A young angler knew she had quite a bite while fishing at a Camas lake, but what surprised her family is that the fish looked as if it could bite back.
While fishing Round Lake's bank, 14-year-old Nicole Wells cast her line not knowing what was about to strike.

What struck was a fish that didn't seem to belong in the Northwest.

"Oh, no! Not with the teeth!" she said.

She landed a foot long fish with very big teeth and a oval body.

The teeth were so intimidating, Nicole's mother took the hook out of its mouth.

Nicole's mother, Linda was curious whether the strange fish was a piranha, so KATU asked around and found the fish definitely did not belong in regional waters.

At first glance, Eric Rasmussen, who manages a tropical fish store exclaimed, "He came out of a lake?"

Eric said the fish was not a piranha, but a cousin of the piranha, called a red-bellied Pacu.

Apparently, Pacu's are pigs, eating a mostly vegetarian diet and are often mistaken for piranhas because of the teeth.

Rasmussen said the piranha's teeth are razor sharp for cutting and tearing whereas the Pacu's teeth serve a different function.

"He's built to crack rubber nuts and things like that in the wild," said Rasmussen.

Even though it isn't a piranha, the fish Nicole caught is not a Northwest native, it is a South American fish that someone probably tossed into Round Lake, where he would have died as cooler weather approached.

Tropical fish managers said once water temperatures dropped below 70 degrees, the Pacu's fate would have been sealed.

From time to time, exotic fish turn up in Oregon's waterways when their owners no longer want them.

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Oh, that's not all. Check out how the Newspapers are reporting the Statute changes ODFW is doing for Oregon. Talk about misrepresentation and reporting:

More From The Oregonian | Subscribe To The Oregonian
Tuesday, January 11, 2005
When lawmakers arrived Monday at the Capitol, they found a six-inch stack of bills waiting for them, dealing with everything from piranha to sex crimes to election reform.

About 400 bills were filed before the session began by interim committees, state agencies, the governor and other statewide elected officials. Bills will be assigned to committees for consideration.

Here's a sampling of Senate bills (SB) and House bills (HB) that have been filed: TAXES

SB19: Exempts military compensation from Oregon income tax.

HB2046: Changes the percentage of the federal earned-income credit allowable as a credit against the state income tax.

HB2048: Restores a 10-cents-a-pack cigarette tax dedicated to the Oregon Health Plan. EDUCATION

SB38: Creates a task force on fiscal reform from kindergarten through grade 12.

SB50: Requires applicants for teaching licenses to meet cultural competency standards.

SB107: Creates a statewide health insurance pool for teachers.

SB156: Allows the secretary of state to conduct audits of school districts. BUSINESS, LABOR & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT

SB132: Requires farm labor contractors to provide workers' compensation insurance.

SB136: Eliminates the requirement that lunch for workers younger than 16 be at noon.

SB141: Allows workers to be paid with a debit card.

SB146: Makes noncompetition agreements void if an employee is laid off.

SB152: Authorizes lottery bonds for a passenger terminal at the North Bend Airport.

SB175: Creates a council to pursue commercialization of university research.

HB2191: Creates a labor cost rebate for Oregon film production. HEALTH

HB2924: Requires 10 percent of money received from the national tobacco settlement to be spent on tobacco education and prevention programs.

HB2025: Requires fluoridation by water suppliers that serve more than 10,000 people. PUBLIC SAFETY

SB89: Makes it a felony for state employees to have sex with prison inmates or other people in state custody.

SB183: Creates a crime of distribution of equipment or precursor chemicals for use in manufacturing controlled substances.

HB2035: Creates a violation for discharging a paintball gun toward or inside a public park. ELECTIONS

SB27: Allows the state Voters' Pamphlet to include the financial effects of a ballot measure if it doesn't pass.

SB160: Requires candidates and political action committees to file campaign contribution and expenditure reports every seven days.

SB201: Requires initiative petitioners to collect 10 percent of the necessary signatures before receiving a ballot title. CONSUMERS

SB120: Authorizes the Department of Consumer and Business Services to investigate prearranged funeral services, credit services, collection agencies and debt consolidation agencies.

HB2036: Prohibits gift cards that decline in value or expire. RECREATION

SB56: Bans operating a motorboat with someone hanging off the transom.

SB68: Requires a permit to operate an all-terrain vehicle on the beach. OTHER

SB76: Allows the parent or guardian of a person younger than 18 to request cancellation of driving privileges.

SB125: Allows "primarily herbivorous" piranha to be possessed without a permit.

SB176: Bans discrimination in housing, public accommodation, education and employment based on sexual orientation.

To find out more: To get a complete list of bills, or the text of any bill, go to www.leg.state.or.us and click on "bill and laws."

-- James Mayer

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That my friends is how ODFW fools the public. Make them think one thing, while the are doing something else. As I said in another thread, vast majority of the public doesn't take the time to read up on piranas. They get the info from the tv news, newspaper and what they hear from other people. As far as they are concerned, vegetarian piranas are silver dollars and pacus. So that makes those kinds of "piranas" harmless PERIOD. I posted the other link about the pacu capture to show you the way the media portrays such captures and how people who take their 15 minutes of fame to twist information around.

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even tho it doesnt really affect me... is there anything we can do if we dont live there? i mean like writing to senators and local officials? anything along those lines? we could get a massive petition or something like that couldnt we?

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jonscilz Posted Today, 11:22 AM
even tho it doesnt really affect me... is there anything we can do if we dont live there? i mean like writing to senators and local officials? anything along those lines? we could get a massive petition or something like that couldnt we?
IF ODFW manages to get a vote on the Statute out of committee, then that is EXACTLY what I intend to ask hobbyists to do. For now, its quietly being (hopefully) killed. Its just wait and see over the next week or so. Assuming its ever looked at by Senators for a vote.
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