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i just bought a 60 gallon and i was planning to put a wet/dry tank outa an old 20 but i won't with becase the stand is weird looking i has a cabinet one the side and the demetions for it is (w)14.5x(L)x(h)21.5 so does ne one have anything that they know of that will fith this becase i would really like a we/dry alright thanks everybody for the help if you give any thanks~Dan~

Likewise, pretty difficult to make out.

I think you have a spare 20 gallon that you wish to make into a wet/dry, yes? But it won't fit into the cabinet because its a weird layout? And you are wondering about an alternative, no?

If you want a wet/dry to fit you could look at a diy setup using a tank bought that will fit. Alternatively you could consider a canister wet/dry like a Eheim one.
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