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help with new snakes i am getting

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hi there i am going to be getting two new snakes from a guy that bought them and does not want to invest anymore time trying to get them hand tame so he offered them to me because he would always come in and ask for help and i helped him it my advice always worked he said.So i said i will take them because i always wanted a Emerald Tree Boa and a Amazon tree boa.They are both a foot. i was just wondering if anyone can help me out with some info until i have some time to read up on them both i am picking them up after work.

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The emerald tree boa is aboreal, meaning he lives in trees. You'll want to buy/build a tall enclosure with a lot of sticks for climbing and resting on. They also appreciate a humid environment, as they are from very tropical rainforests. Be careful when handling the snakes, emeralds have a reputation for being pretty nasty biters.

I'd imagine the tree boa has the exact same requirments.
hand tame ????

i have never heard of eithere a tree boa or a tree python that has been hand tamed and if there are they are exceptions to the rule. one fo the reasons tree snakes in general are nippy is they have a very strong feeding instinct and anything that comes near them is a potential food it is imbedded in there instinct to strike
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It all depends on your definition of 'tame' in regards to the animal in question. And if you know anything about snakes and the different species in general.

I don't know anything about Emmies. However, ATBs I've read quite a bit on as I want to get into them at some point. Or at the very least own one very nice display specimen... A lot of times simply reaching into the enclosure will prompt them to strike and be nippy. Sometimes it's just bluffing. Sometimes not. If you work with the proper tools of the trade, like a hook, you can easily take them out of the enclosure. Most of the times once out they're a lot more docile.

Another trick is to never feed them in their enclosure. Because then they may start to associate your scent and hands with food. Not a good combo... And also, never hand feed. That's just stupid.
Both are beautiful arboreal snakes (some branches is a must)...forget about hand taming...they are beautiful snakes to have but certainly they will bite you (fast and hard) if you are close enough to...def. not the best choice for unexperienced snake keepers...good luck anyway...
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well i just want to say thanks for the help with the snakes and after reading up on them both and everything i am going to give them to the stan island zoo when they are done with there work on there reptile wing. they are both cool snakes but i want a snake i can handle and everything but i do get to keep them for 5 months and i already got bit by the Emerald Tree Boa and it hurt and it is only a foot long. so i am going to stay with red tail boas and ball pythons since i know alot more about them.
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